Top 10 Travelling Puns

Have you never been travelling and felt uncomfortable meeting new people? If not, How do you break the ice? What’s the secret to making friends abroad?

The Answer: HUMOR

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I am a very outgoing extrovert, but sometimes I’m even at a loss for words in uncomfortable situations. Hence, There’s nothing better than a cheesy pun to put a smile on someone’s face.

Here are my 10 favourite Travelling puns to get the conversation ball rolling.

Top 10 Puns

  1. I heard the pilot didn’t practice before flying the plane today. He thought he would “wing” it.
  2. The food on this small aircraft isn’t very good. It’s a “little plane”.
  3. I really want to go to the Netherlands one day. “Wooden Shoe?”
  4. My suitcase started crying uncontrollably when I tried to pick it up. I was carrying “emotional baggage”.
  5. If you get sick at the airport, I heard it can be a “terminal” illness.
  6. I heard Oslo is a dangerous city. There’s “Norway” I’d ever go.
  7. Flight Attendants always make friends in “high” places.
  8. You went to South America? I don’t “Bolivia”.
  9. During the pilots’ air test, he flew through a rainbow. He passed with “flying colours”.
  10. My sisters fear of planes has “taken off”.


I hope you found these as enjoyable as I did.

Leave me a comment with your favourite travelling pun or how you broke the ice and let’s keep the smiles going!

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